Questions about our classes

What Age can my child start dancing at York Area Repertoire of Dance?

Your child is ready to start instruction at YARD once they are potty trained, usually around the age of 3.  We offer many different pre-school aged classes for your emerging dancer!

Are Boys allowed to take classes at YARD?

Boys are absolutely allowed and encouraged to take any and all classes they qualify for! We have boys in many classes already and we'd love to welcome many more!

Do you offer free trial classes?

We totally do!  Please call our office at (717) 225-9241 to let us know in advance if your dancer is interested in trying one (or more) of our classes!

Could we try a different class for free if the first one is not the right fit?

You absolutely may try another class at the dancer's ability level for free.  Please let our office know in advance.

Does YARD offer adult classes?

From time to time our studio offers adult classes open to adult dancers of all backgrounds and levels.  Please check our schedule and website for more information regarding our adult class! 

Does YARD have a cut off date for New Students?

York Area Repertoire of Dance allows for dancers to register for the fall 2018-2019 season up until January 31, 2019.  After this date, routines and numbers are being focused on and prepared for the June recital and we are unable to take new students.

How are my child's dance levels decided? 

When first beginning dance instruction at YARD, your dancer's age is an important factor.  However, during the dance year-particularly in the first month of the dance year, our teachers evaluate each dancer's abilities in order for them to be placed correctly.  At the end of the dance year, all dancers will receive recommendations for next year's classes based off the instructor's evaluations.

My child already has dance experience elsewhere.  How can I make sure they are placed correctly?

If your dancer has danced here or elsewhere previously, please let our office staff know so they can arrange a time with Miss Charlee to evaluate your child's appropriate dance level.

Does YARD offer private lessons?

YARD does offer private lessons for all dancers at any level who are taking classes at the studio. All of our teachers are available for private lessons.  Please call our office at (717)225-9241 to schedule an appointment or get more information about pricing.

What are the benefits of private lessons?

Private lessons give your dancer crucial one on one time to better improve their technique and develop a strong focus.  The teacher and student can develop a plan to work on their strengths and weaknesses to build their dance skills!

My Dancer missed a class!  How do make-ups work at YARD?

It is very important that your dancer make it to as many classes as they are enrolled in as possible, especially come recital season in the spring.  Every class helps build their dance skills as well as prepares them for their numbers in the recital.  If by chance your dancer is unable to attend a class, they are able to make up for this class by taking another class at the same skill level or below.  As a courtesy, we ask the student to inform the teacher that they are taking a make-up once they attend it.  We do not pro-rate for missed classes.  You will need to pay monthly regardless of the reason your dancer did not attend classes.

How do we find out the open/closed status of YARD in the event of inclement weather?

YARD studio reports their closing status to WGAL.COM as well as here on the home page of the website and on our Facebook page.  We also will post our status to our answering machine by 3 PM.  Please take a moment to look at our calendar for other Scheduled closings throughout the dance year.

Tuition Questions

Why do we pay for June's non-refundable tuition at the beginning of the dance year?

June's tuition reserves your dancer's spot in our annual recital.  With all the activities and events going on during the month of june, it is one less thing to worry about!

What is your Tuition Policy?

Tuition is due by the 7th of each month.  A $15 late fee will be assessed for payments received after the 7th of the month.

Can I pay for my child's entire year of dance in one lump payment?

You may pay for your dancer's entire year at any time.  We offer a 10% discount at the beginning of the dance year for those interested in paying in full.  It is a limited time offer, so see the office for more info!

Does YARD offer scholarships?

We do offer scholarships based on the need of the dancer.  Please call or see our office staff for more information!

Recital questions

When is recital?

We here at YARD studio hold a recital every year in June.  For the fall 2018-2019 season our recital is JUNE 8TH, 2019 at Spring Grove Area Middle School.  The dancers work very hard in class to prepare for this recital, and we want every dancer to have the opportunity to show off all their hard work!

Is there a recital fee?

No.  Paying for June's tuition at the beginning of the year reserves their spot in our annual recital.

How much are costumes?

$70 for preschool, Child Small, and Child Medium

$75 for child large through adult sizes

$75 for Boys Costumes all sizes

Costume fees will be charged to each dancer for each class they participate in (excluding barre classes).  Costume fees are due no later than the beginning of JANUARY (January 3rd 2019).  There are no exceptions!

Can I make payments toward my dancer's costumes before January?

Absolutely!  Come see our office staff at anytime at the beginning of the dance year (prior to the January deadline) to put down money for your dancer's costumes.

Do you offer any type of fundraiser to help families offset costume costs?

We offer a "claire's Gourmet" fundraiser in September for families each year to help offset costume costs.