What Parents and Students have to Say About Our Studio -

Miss Charlee and her team of teachers have created a dance studio with an atmosphere that is fun, warm, and supportive. YARD offers a wide variety of classes and the teachers are talented and professional. My daughter loves to dance and looks forward to every class. This is due to her positive and nurturing experience at YARD studio.
— Rachel Brewer, parent
I have been a dancer at YARD dance studio for over 11 years. I’ve taken every class YARD has to offer. Dance is my “escape” from the real world. The studio is full of positive people, and I’ve met most of my closest friends through YARD. I have been so close to Miss Charlee since I was little. She definitely is like my second mom. She has helped me grow not only as a dancer, but as the person I am today. She is very dedicated to her business and students. She will do anything in her power to help you become a better dancer. If you are looking for a dedicated, hardworking, positive environment to dance in, I would definitely recommend YARD. I’m so beyond grateful that my parents choose this to be my second home until I’m 18. I’m glad it made me the person I am today!
— Lindsay Curley, Student
When my daughter was three, I began checking out dance studios in the area. We decided on YARD. My daughter is now 9 1/2. During the 6 1/2 years that my daughter has taken dance at YARD, I have been very pleased not only with the technique she has been taught, but also the wonderful friends we both have made. The director at YARD, Charlee Zamudio-Fidler is in a class all by herself. She not only is well versed and knowledgeable about all types of dance, she truly cares for her students as if they were her own children. Miss Charlee makes a point to meet each dancer where they are and then guides them to reach their full potential as a dancer. When my daughter is at dance, I feel like she is with her other mom. I know that she will not only learn the dance steps and improve on her technique, but I know that she is being taught to respect herself and carry herself with dignity. I am grateful to Miss Charlee, the staff at YARD, and the Dazzling Gems Dance Company for giving my daughter a love and passion for dance!
— Jennifer Myers, Parent
The YARD is a second family to me. I have been at the YARD for 11 years. I come back every year because I can express my inner self through dance. I am disciplined to do my best. I am taught technique that strengthens my body and also my mind. Coming into the YARD has been a routine so long I could never imagine my life without it. My experience being at the studio and in Dazzling Gems Dance Company have helped me become a strong leader. I love dancing and I love the people at this studio like they are family. I am so glad that I was put into dance. I honestly cannot imagine my life without it.
— Sydney Cooper, Student
We decided to come to the YARD dance studio because a lot of our family members came here. Throughout the years both my girls, Alana-13 and Danika-5, have had all the teachers at least once, and have had a very positive experience with each of them. Even though we live in the East end of York, we drive out to Spring Grove at least two times a week, and I don’t think twice about it because of the quality of service, the friendly office staff, and the experiences both my girls are gaining. We plan to stay at the YARD for the duration of Alana’s and Dani’s dance career.
— Nicole Grove, Parent
I love the YARD because ever since I started here when I was 3, I’ve always felt welcome. My teachers always knew when I needed correction with technique. People come to our studio and dramatically develop physically and mentally. We know how to be serious while also having fun. We are a family and family is forever.
— Jade Robertson, student
I took one ballet class and knew this was the place for me. YARD studio places a serious focus on technique and muscle memory. It always feels like a safe environment where you can count on your classmates and teacher. I’ve come a long way in a little over a year, having come from little experience and classical training. I know if it wasn’t for this studio, I would not be the trained dancer I am now. It’s only been a year, but I know I will stay around for many more!
— Bailey Phillips, student
I love the YARD for so many reasons. I have danced at this studio for 12 years and I love that I can put all my energy and time into something that I love so much. I love the fact that I can get all my emotions out, bond, and connect with other dancers. Being a part of this studio gives me the comfort of knowing I always have a second family. I learn a lot of life lessons here that I can take outside of the studio. I don’t know what I’d do without this place. YARD is my safe haven!
— Miranda Arnold, Student