Class Descriptions

Preschool:  Combination class of Ballet, Voice, and Jazz

Preschool Creative Movement:  Mix of Ballet/Jazz/Modern with Acting

Ballet:  Classical Ballet technique with emphasis on terminology, includes Barre and center work

Pointe:  Continuation of Ballet technique with Pointe shoes.  Must be recommended by teacher

Jazz:  Broadway and Modern Jazz style

Tap:  Broadway and rhythm Tap style

Lyrical:  Combination of Jazz, Ballet, and Modern techniques to create contemporary dance showing the emotion of the lyrics and music

Modern:  Contemporary form of dance focusing on breath, contractions, and release

Hip Hop:  Street style dancing with isolations

Hip Hop 1:  Ages 4-8; Hip Hop 1/2: Ages 9-12; Jazz/Funk (Hip Hop 3): Ages 13+

Broadway Basics:  Ages 7-11- Focus is on vocals, pantomime and Jazz movement

Broadway Moves:  Ages 11+-  Focus is on vocals, pantomime and Jazz movement

Student Choreography-  Learn the skills and technique to choreograph dances while having fun creating movement.  HOMEWORK will be assigned WEEKLY.  Invitation only.

Adult Class:  18+-  Thursdays 7:30-8:30- Runs September through the end of November; and January through the end of April.  Each month we will focus on a different style of Dance!  All Dance levels, from beginner to advanced are welcome!

Class Levels

Preschool:  Ages 3-5, MUST be potty trained

Level 1:  Beginner level, intended for the emerging dancer.

Level 2:  Understands all dance basics, including terms.  Working on single pirouette.

Level 3:  Experienced dancer with solid ballet technique and turnout.  Should have clean pirouette and be working on doubles.

Level 4:  Experienced dancer with solid ballet technique and turnout.  Must be able to do clean double pirouettes.

Level 5:  Advanced Dancer

* Artistic director has final decision on level placement.  If you are unsure as to what level to sign up for, please contact the studio.

** Students are evaluated the first month of class and adjustments to the levels will be made, if necessary.